A Pact with the Sun NCERT solution

"A Pact with the Sun" is a book of stories for children written by Rabindranath Tagore, the famous Indian poet and Nobel laureate. The book was first published in 1905, and it contains a collection of eight stories that teach important moral lessons and values to young readers.

Each story in "A Pact with the Sun" is written in a simple and engaging style that appeals to children. The stories are set in rural India, and they revolve around the lives of common people, particularly children. The book emphasizes the importance of honesty, kindness, hard work, and other virtues that are important for the development of a child's character.

Some of the most popular stories in the book include "The Home-Coming," "The Lost Jewels," and "The Babus of Nayanjore." In "The Home-Coming," a young boy named Govind returns to his village after several years of working in the city. He finds that the villagers have changed and become more selfish, but he is able to teach them the value of sharing and generosity. "The Lost Jewels" is a story about a poor family who finds a bag of jewels, but decides to return it to its rightful owner rather than keeping it for themselves. "The Babus of Nayanjore" is a satirical story about a group of wealthy and corrupt officials who get their comeuppance when they are visited by a wise and honest king.

Overall, "A Pact with the Sun" is a timeless classic that has been enjoyed by generations of children in India and around the world. The book's themes and messages are still relevant today, and it continues to be an important part of Indian literature for children.

  1. What is the moral lesson taught in the story "The Home-Coming"?

Answer: The moral lesson taught in the story "The Home-Coming" is that sharing and caring for others brings happiness and prosperity.

  1. Who are the main characters in the story "A Pact with the Sun"?

Answer: "A Pact with the Sun" is the title of one of the stories in the book. The main characters in this story are a poor boy named Birbal and a wealthy businessman named Mahesh.

  1. What happens in the story "The Lost Jewels"?

Answer: In the story "The Lost Jewels," a poor family finds a bag of jewels while working in a field. They decide to return the jewels to their rightful owner rather than keeping them for themselves, and in the end, they are rewarded for their honesty.

  1. What is the message conveyed in the story "The Shepherd's Treasure"?

Answer: The message conveyed in the story "The Shepherd's Treasure" is that wealth is not the only source of happiness, and that true happiness can be found in simple things like love, friendship, and nature.

  1. What is the theme of the story "The Babus of Nayanjore"?

Answer: The theme of the story "The Babus of Nayanjore" is that honesty and integrity are more important than wealth and power, and that those who are corrupt will eventually face the consequences of their actions.