School Exams Short Notes

 School Exams BIOLOGY Short Notes

Aspirants can revise all the topics from here after completing the preparation. With the help of these notes, candidates can assess their knowledge and also get insights into their own preparation. You can access the complete set of notes for all the NEET sections – Biology here.

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Chapter NameDownload
 Class - 11th
1. The Living WorldClick Here
2. Biological ClassificationClick Here
3. Plant KingdomClick Here
4. Animal KingdomClick Here
5. Morphology of Flowering PlantsClick Here
6. Anatomy of Flowering PlantsClick Here
7. Structural Organisation in AnimalsClick Here
8. Cell - The Unit of LifeClick Here
9. BiomoleculesClick Here
10. Cell Cycle And Cell DivisionClick Here
11. Transport in PlantsClick Here
12. Mineral NutritionClick Here
13. Photosynthesis in Higher PlantsClick Here
14. Respiration in PlantsClick Here
15. Plant Growth And DevelopmentClick Here
16. Digestion And AbsorptionClick Here
17. Breathing And Exchange of GasesClick Here
18. Body Fluids And CirculationClick Here
19. Excretory Products And Their EliminationClick Here
20. Locomotion And MovementClick Here
21. Neural Control And CoordinationClick Here
22. Chemical Coordination And IntegrationClick Here
 Class - 12th
1. Reproduction in OrganismsClick Here
2. Sexual Reproduction in Flowering PlantsClick Here
3. Human ReproductionClick Here
4. Reproductive HealthClick Here
5. Principles of Inheritance and variationClick Here
6. Molecular basis of inheritanceClick Here
7. EvolutionClick Here
8. Human health & diseaseClick Here
9 (A). Strategies for Enhancement in Food ProductionClick Here
9 (B). Strategies for Enhancement in Food ProductionClick Here
10. Microbes In Human WelfareClick Here
11. Biotechnology - Principles and ProcessesClick Here
12. Biotechnology and its ApplicationsClick Here
13. Organisms and PopulationsClick Here
14. EcosystemClick Here
15. Biodiversity and its ConservationClick Here
16. Environmental IssuesClick Here