Chapter-wise Competency-Based Test Items with Answers Download PDF


CBSE Class 10th Science 2023 
Chapter-wise Competency-Based Test Items with Answers Download PDF

Class 10 Science Question Bank for 2023 Exams includes new aptitude-based questions which will cover the full syllabus in 2022 -23 Board Exams.

These competency-based practice question resources are most recommended by experts for comprehensive chapter-wise practice of these moderate to high difficulty questions.

Here, you can find chapter-wise self practice paper solutions and solutions in PDF form. These PDFs are absolutely free to download.

Chapter NameDownload
1. Chemical Reactions and EquationsClick Here
2. Acids, Bases and SaltsClick Here
3. Metals and Non-MetalsClick Here
4. Carbon and its CompoundsClick Here
5. Periodic Classiication of ElementsClick Here
6. Life ProcessesClick Here
7. Control and CoordinationClick Here
8. How do Organisms ReproduceClick Here
9. Heredity and EvolutionClick Here
10. Light-Relection and RefractionClick Here
11. The Human Eye and the Colourful WorldClick Here
12. ElectricityClick Here
13. Magnetic Effects of Electric CurrentClick Here
14. Sources of EnergyClick Here
15. Our EnvironmentClick Here
16. Sustainable Management of Natural ResourcesClick Here